15 May 2023

Engineer Pitch launches - a joint initiative with HUB and Archiboo

We've teamed up with Archiboo to deliver the first Engineer Pitch, a new take on the Architect Pitch, exclusively for structural engineering practices.

Engineering practices are now invited to submit an initial expression of interest. Shortlisted teams will then be asked to share their most creative ideas for low carbon, future-focused solutions – specifically around repurposing commercial buildings to provide living spaces, which is a key focus for HubCap, our new HUB venture delivering low-carbon living places by repurposing commercial buildings in central urban locations.

Structural engineers play a pivotal role in retrofit projects, their expertise often being required before any other consultant and taking centre-stage throughout the project. We want to broaden the pool of structural engineers for HubCap to ensure they can access emerging ideas around new materials, new technologies and circular economy principles to reduce carbon further still.

The competition shines a light on the critical role played by engineers in retrofit and low carbon development, giving them the opportunity to take the lead by sharing their innovative thinking with a wider audience.

Read more about the pitch and apply to take part by the 2nd of June.