28 Apr 2022

HUB joins the UK Green Building Council

HUB has joined the UK Green Building Council, one element of our commitment to building more responsibly, and as we create our People and Planet roadmap 'Towards 2030'. UKGBC is an ever-expanding network of organisations connected to the built environment, and has a fantastic programme including education, campaigning and innovation, helping to inspire change.

As progressive developers focused on the BTR sector within the UK's lifestyle cities, HUB has a responsibility to deliver better and more efficient buildings and places for local communities and the planet, and to encourage better and more efficient lifestyles through the homes we deliver.

We are setting targets around carbon reduction, measuring and disclosing energy and carbon performance data (including embodied), adopting circular economy principles and delivering positive social value on projects.

Joining the UKGBC means we will be involved in the conversation, and is part of our commitment to formalising our goals and improving our performance in this area.