17 Jan 2024

NLA's expert panel on 'Retrofit and Conservation'

We are very proud that our senior development manager Tom Valente has been selected to join the NLA's new expert panel 'Retrofit and Conservation'.

This panel will be discussing the ongoing challenge of retrofitting and preserving London’s existing building stock, reviewing the impact of new policies in reducing carbon emissions, considering adaptive reuse and extending the life and heritage of historic buildings.

With our HubCap initiative focused on repurposing office buildings to deliver living spaces in central London locations, we have lots of experience to draw from.

The panel is formed of 14 individuals, representing the public and private sectors across development, design, planning and construction in London, and providing a unique voice to comment on this essential issue. The Panel will meet several times this year, setting out key lines of enquiry and sharing themes and insights from these meetings with NLA members and the broader network.

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