13 Jul 2023

Talking development to the younger generation

The London Brainery Bootcamp takes a group of students from South Bank University Sixth Form in Lambeth, and gives them a full immersion into all things real estate. Yesterday we welcomed a cohort of 20 young people to our offices, talking them through the development process from start to finish.

Starting with land acquisition, our Senior Acquisitions Manager Tom Starkey got their brains ticking about the challenges of finding a site, and how location and transport play into making a site more desirable⁠.

Issy Scruby, Assistant Development Manager, talked about how her training in planning helps her in her role with taking a project from initial idea to community consultation to consented scheme, and all the consultants it involves! Finally, Andrew Cusack, Assistant Development Manager, talked about how his journey from architect (starting in Ireland, via the US, to London) helps with the design and construction process.

Regeneration Brainery is a great opportunity for the next generation to gain insights into what their future careers could become.... and for us to meet tomorrow's talent!