03 Aug 2023

What Scandinavia can teach us about co-living and community

Co-living has the potential to help solve some of our societal woes – housing, but also the crisis of loneliness that’s impacting people of all ages and stages of life, and a lower impact way of life where space and things can be readily shared.

As the Build to Rent and co-living sectors continuously grow and gain traction in the UK, there is seemingly still a lot to learn and improve upon. European countries such as Norway have implemented an effective community-centred system that has proven to provide unmatched benefits and efficiency for co-living residents. Communal facilities, sharing and providing services and resources is a key aspect of creating a community that the UK co-living sector has not adopted as well as the Scandinavians yet.

Thoughts from our MD Damien Sharkey on the rise of shared living models in BTR News

Pictured is our consented project on Wood Lane in Hammersmith and Fulham.